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“In his new show he talks identity and football; specifically on tension on race and nationality. With his angle defined he pokes playful fun, weaving the naturally comedic with both the ridiculous and the poignant" “Like a David Attenborough of comedy, Ricketts stalks his subjects yet never intrudes, always allowing their natural behaviour in their natural habitat to be observed with objectivity... and, like Attenborough, Ricketts should be given his own TV show to further explore""I not only felt entertained by this show - and it was very funny - in the end I felt educated"

A funny and enlightening look at multi-cultural Englishness through our attitudes to the symbols of England. Featuring jokes, anecdotes, encounters with the BNP, Billy Bragg, the national press & interviews with teenagers and celebrities


The Stage 'Must See' Award 2010

Three Weeks


A comic personal and political black hair-story. Paul traces the funny and sometimes embarrassing relationship between hair fashion and social change. The search for a black identity as represented through his choices of hairstyle – from bald head to dreads, kinky to straight, flat-top to Afro

“A black British comic who is engaged with black history and politics is still too rare a thing on the comedy circuit” “There is no show here at the (Edinburgh) fringe that is as informative as well as funny." “A really funny & & well constructive show. l laughed & I learnt something""...uproariously funny... charming and enlightening while his selection of haircuts and the part they play in his cultural identity is quite delicious food for thought"

Fringe Guru - Editor Choice Award Winner Brighton Fringe 2010

The New Current

BBC Radio Kent

Three Weeks

WOODPUSHERS - featuring Buff Wood

Wild semi-biographicial tales from the stages of the West End, Royal Opera House and Scottish Opera, plus refections on Paul's short careers in writing pornography & as a primary school teacher. Featuring Buff Wood's world of erotic pine-stripping!

“In case you're wondering, a 'wood-pusher' is a common term for someone who works behind the scenes at a theatre. And this is just one of the many roles Paul Ricketts has turned his hand to in the course of his varied life; others include frustrated primary school teacher and editor of a pornographic magazine dedicating itself to a particularly small (in several senses) niche market. Ricketts excels as a natural story-teller, with an amusing eloquence that would make you smile even if he was the one telling you that your granny's just died. Oh, and do be prepared for the last ten minutes; chances are, it may be the last thing you would ever expect."

Three Weeks

Three Weeks awarded show five stars over two reviews. Okay, so that's five stars in total and I think I have the right to use those stars in any way I see fit!






I’ve been told that ‘funny isn’t enough’. Okay, try this hilarious stand-up show instead. A skewed, joke laden rant on life and comedy. Dealing with such weighty issues as consumerism, politics, race and comics in unnecessarily tight trousers.

"pure comedy, free of gimmicks or life lessons and instead focusing on great gags and knockout punchlines" “sharp observations and hilarious stories, but crucially the poignancy of some of his remarks do not get lost or subjected to being merely funny – they stand alone as things to think on, as indeed they should""there are routines that are absolutely brilliant... the guy oozes class"


Broadway Baby

The Skinny